Not dead but not alive.

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Dear diary,

It’s time to walk on 
To leave everything behind 
There’s no going back 
No weakness, no giving up 

It’s okay to fall down,
As long as you stand up again 
Over and over 

The past fades away 
Day by day blurred 
Moments, people, things - memories 
Only a picture 

Not even god knows what comes next
Leave the past and walk into the future

"Dream big when you’re asleep, dream even bigger when you’re awake"

- Jared Leto

A loss of a friend

Someday comes the time when you cut off your emotions, because you don’t want to feel anything anymore, you are scared to loose someone important again and thats why you live on like a cold empty shadow just to live on without breaking apart… it’s disappointing when you wouldve given everything for someone and the person just leaves you standing there like a complete stranger

"we live in a world of intolerance and prejudice"

Jahre lang wirst du auf dein Aussehen reduziert. Irgendwann bist du einfach hässlich und musst halt damit leben.

and again 
I got replaced 
once again

I said
if it happens this time 
I won’t be able to deal with it 
and I’m not 
I can’t deal with it 
because I don’t understand why 
all the time 
I gave everything 
keep our friendship together 
showed you that I care

empty words
cold as ice 
just don’t care 

worthless to you 
like a stone brick 
just thrown away 

thank you 
I fighted for so long
showed you how hard
I cared , I still care 
you don’t know
but you know what.. 
just fuck off
in the darkness I will meet my creators
The kings seat

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist"

- Pablo Picasso

"You bleed just to know you’re alive"

- Goo goo dolls - Iris